Friday, December 18, 2009

Snowflake Sky


Everyone's in the christmas spirit  ^^ A charming and cute little bracelet for a christmas present is perfect!
Made from sea shell charms, sky blue heart shape cat-eye bead and a snoflake charm is definately one to show and potray snowflakes falling from the sky.

Made with:
Sea Shell charm
SKy Blue Cat-eye heart shape bead
Snowflake charm
Metal Curb Chain, Anodized Aluminum (Lead / Iron-free, non-tarnish)
Code: Snowflake Sky
Price: RM15.00


I did customization for Simon ^^ First time getting a male order so it was quite challenging. He wanted colourful stones and sometimes it can look gay on guys so I did some tinkering, add some fibres and walah! Check it out guys ;D There will be more coming soon so sit tight guys! This blogshop is going both ways for assesories!

It's loose on me though cause Simon's wrists are larger. ^^

Monday, December 14, 2009

Finally we are back!

We are back!
With new clothes to boot ;D The dress may be vintage but one thing for sure it can outlast many fashion stages! ;D We have compiled a few ideas to play with this dress xD It comes in 4 colour designs and best of all, It's going at RM35 per piece! Currently there's no model yet T^T So I made a few photoshop designed pictures instead! ;D

Stap: 13 inch
Height(not included strap): 28 inch
Chest: 20~38 inch
(But most inportantly, it's FREE SIZE.)
Comes in 4 colours/patters:

 Purple Lavender

 Black Rose

Pink Sakura

Blu Hyacinth

Price: RM35
Code: DR001
Colours: Black Rose, Pink Sakuras, Blue Hyacinth, Purple Lavenders.

Strap tying Ideas :D

Wear it like you mean business.
Be creative,
Be yourself!

Wear it with a T-shirt and long gold heart locket and thick waist belt for a charming vintage look!
Pair it up with pretty snow white heels for a chick effect at the same time looking cute and innocent beneath that Diva you are!

Wear it plain, show off those sexy shoulders! Perfect for an outing on the beach or picnic or a trip to the mall. Pair this up with a chick Berret or just go no hat and see the unfold!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Important notice

Downtown District won't be posting anything new until after Mid December because we are all sitting for a very important exam at the moment but orders are taken and sales will not be affected. ^^ Mails are still checked regularly ya!

We'll come back with new stuffs after the exams are over so be patient guys!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Heart flavoured Cotton Candy


Code: Heart
Price: RM15
Made with:
Gold plated nickle free chain
Japanese glass beads
Silver heart locket
Lamp work bead
Glass bead

Spring dew

Code: Spring dew
Price: RM15
Made with:
Lamp work beads
Glass beads
Glass pearl beads
Green transparent plastic bead
Nickle free double chain

Vintage white rose

Code: Vintage white rose
Price: RM20
Made with:
Handmade Polymer rose
Glass Beads,
Lamp work bead,
Transparent green plastic leaf
Glass Pearls
Metal mini-curb chain

Starry Spring

Code: Starry spring
Price: RM15
Made with:
Wooden stars
Glass Beads
Glass work beads
Nickle free chain

You lock my heart

Code: You lock my heart
Price: RM25
Made with:
Enamel Charm Heart Locket
Genuine Swarovski Heart crystals
Glass Beads
Lamp work Beads
Nickle free chain

Thursday, September 24, 2009


The second batch of lovelies!!
Handphone straps 
You can make it into a charm bracelet. ^^ 

Charm Bracelet (add RM 10 for chain and heart toggle)

Code: Mouse
Colours available: Black, Gold, White
Price: RM6 each RM10 for a pair


Code: Mushroom
Colours: Gold, White
Price: RM 3 each RM5 for a pair



Code: Popsicle
Colours: Pink, White, Light Blue
Faces: ^ ^, >x<, ^-^;
Price: RM7 each, RM 12 a pair

Term and conditions applied

* Payments must be made within 72 hours upon confirmation of stock availability.
* Colour in pictures may vary due to lighting, so do inquire if you are unsure of a particular item.
* No changes is allowed once orders are confirmed (Do in form us if you decide not to buy it BEFORE we post it)
* No refunds. Be ensured that stocks will be checked for quality before sending out.
* Prices displayed are at its lowest. No further discount will be entertained except for wholesale.
* Copying or usage from our site without consent is strictly prohibited.
* Goods sold are brand new and in good condition unless stated is pre-loved.
* No refund nor return of goods will be entertained.
* Buyers will bear full shipping cost unless stated otherwise.
* All parcels/items will be posted out within 3 working days once payment is confirmed.
* We will not be held responsible for any lost or damages occured during shipping.
* Payments can be made by banking in to Maybank account. (Please e-mail us for further details)
* Please send us your proof of payment via email for us to issue an official reciept.
*For bank transfers, transfers usually take up to 3 working days to process. Please send us the transaction reciept via email.