Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oriental Collection

Red Silk Draped over snowy white coldness,
Rich earthen colours fill the tress,
Beautifully coloured imported richness,
Downtown District presents~

~Oriental Collection~

BUY 2 Necklace for RM34!!
(Excluding N033)

I personally love all these lovelies ^^ They go absolutely well when you're wearing something long and elegant! Specially goes well with silk and satin, you can feel the coolness against your skin!

Code: N028
Price: RM20.00

Code: N029
Price: RM20.00

Code: N030
Price: RM20.00

Code: N031
Price: RM20.00

Code: N032
Price: RM20.00

Code: N033
Price: RM15.00
Code: B029
Price: RM5.00

Code: B030
Price: RM10.00

Code: B031
Price: RM10.00

Summer Love Monster Sales

A bracelet for every occasion,
A love for every girl,
A hope for every guys,
A chance to sweep her off her feet,

Downtown District presents to you
~Summer Love~

(Some of these anklets can be worn as bracelets! ^^)

In conjunction with Monster sales week

HURRY AND GRAB!! There's only ONE for EACH item here so once you buy it
it is SOLD OUT!

Lovely heart Anklet
Code: B018
Price: RM6.00

A simple touch Anklet
Code: B019
Price: RM6.00

Dainty Bell Bracelet

Code: B020
Price: RM6.00

Accute Anklet

Code: B021
Price: RM6.00

A fishy Scene bracelet
Code: B022
Price: RM6.00

Chains of Cross Bracelet
Code: B023

Marylynn's Bracelet
Code: B024
Price: RM6.00

Star Light Anklet

Code: B025
Price: RM6.00

Beady Bracelet
Code: B026
Price: RM6.00

White Lies Bracelet
Code: B027
Price: RM6.00

Mother Nature's Blessing Bracelet
Code: B028
Price: RM6.00

Friday, July 10, 2009

L'eleganza di Raccolta

Black Velvet,
Satin Emily,
Pearls and Diamonds,
Downtown District Brings you~

~l'eleganza di raccolta~
Elegance Collection

Bow Dreams
Code: N035
Code: N036
Price: RM20.00

Black Lotus
Code: N037
Code: E001
Price: RM18.00
Code: S001
Price: RM35
(Psst! It's Cheaper if you buy it in a set ;D)

Flight of the Butterfly
Code: E002

Code: N038
Price: RM20.00

Price: RM35.00
(Cheaper if you buy in sets xD)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Everything come and goes,
Here we have pre-loved items,
Polished and in mint condition,
we bring you ,
Ready to be loved again.
~Downtown District presents~

~Pre-loved Necklace Collection~

Flat Rounded Pearls

Code: N001
Price: RM8.00

White Winter Pearls
Code: N002
Price: RM10.00

Black Ornamental Heart


Crystal Necklace

Code: N005
Price: RM 22.00

Black Perfection
Code: N006
Price: RM20.00

Oriental Ming Pearls
Code: N007
Price: RM10.00

Blue Water Pearls
Code: N008
Price: RM10.00

Dark Water Pearls
Code: N009
Price: RM10.00

Crystal Flower Necklace
Code: N010
Price: RM10.00

Winter Berry Crystal

Code: N011

Price: RM 18.00

Checkered Marble
Code: N012
Price: RM28.00

Diamond Head Silver Snake
Code: N014
Price: RM15.00

Music for thought
Code: N015

Price: RM15.00

Long Chain Strawberry Delight
Code: N016
Price: RM22.00

Long Chain Golden Heart
Code: N017
Price: RM10.00

Long Pearl Black Rose Brooch Necklace
Code: N018
Price: RM15.00

Long Chain Heart Crown
Code: N019
Price: RM18.00

Chained to my Promise Necklace
Code: N020
Price: RM10.00

Black Cross

Code: N021
Price: RM10.00

Flower Power

Code: N022
Price: RM10.00

Crown Cross
Code: N023
Price: RM10.00

Pentagon Silver Snake

Code: N024
Price: RM 8.00

Pearly String

Code: N025
Price: RM 8.00

Mickey Tag

Code: N026
Price: RM15.00

Double Square
Code: N027
Price: RM 8.00

Pre-Bracelet Collections

Everything come and goes,
Here we have pre-loved items,
Polished and in mint condition,
we bring you ,
Ready to be loved again.

~Downtown District presents~

~Pre-loved Bracelet Collection~

Charm Bracelet
Code: B001
Price: RM7.00

Rose Bracelet

Code: B003
Price: RM10.00

Green Fish Charm
Code: B004
Price: RM10.00

Canadian Pearl Bracelet

Code: B005
Price: RM8.00

Caramel Dream
Code: B007
Price: RM 7.00

Blue Opals
Code: B008
Price: Rm7.00

Rainbow Charm
Code: B009
Price: RM5.00


Stone Marble
Code: B010
Price: RM8.00

Cross Bracelet

Code: B011
Price: RM8


Code: B015
Price: RM8

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